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Ruman Project (RP) is a grassroots research and advocacy organization working to foster interfaith relations and counter Islamophobia. Formerly founded as Middle East Collective, RP was established as a result of the increased levels of Islamophobia throughout the U.S. and Europe, partially due to U.S. presidential candidates’ political debates and the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.



RP envisions a future where Western nations are no longer afraid of Islam and the Muslim communities living in the West and around the globe.

We work to ensure Islam is tolerated within civil societies and Muslim communities are supported within policy making decisions in order to achieve interfaith harmony on a global level.


RP publishes urgent advocacy briefs to draw awareness to the xenophobic and Islamophobic human rights violations occurring globally. Our briefs provide insight on how to help address these issues and prevent such atrocities from occurring. All information produced by the RP is made available to the public and sent to policy makers, religious leaders, and activists.

RP also organizes interfaith and integration events, campaigns, and programs for Muslim, Christian, and refugee women. As we believe in open and intersectional urban societies, as well as the active participation of refugees in cultural and social life, we aim to empower and educate refugee and local women through connection, action, and integration.

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If you would like to contribute or collaborate with RP, please send a message to Whitney via the contact form.

[Please note that we are in the legal process of registering as a recognized organization. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions regarding our mission, membership, or other aspects of our organization. In the meantime, please visit our website at or follow us on Instagram at Thank you for your interest in our work.]